Welcome to Our Lady of Providence,

a residential care facility offering all the amenities of a first-class retirement community combined with the security of round the clock

professional nursing and support. 

Add to that an unmatched attention to spiritual health and you have an environment providing 

a higher level of comfort.

Congregation of faith

Spiritual Enrichment

We are proud to provide our residents with the highest level of spiritual support, with religious services offered daily.

24-Hour Support

As we get older we need more help.  

Our professional nursing staff is here

for you, as needed, 24-hours a day.

Assisted Living

This is a Level III facility with trained staff to assist in everything from dressing and bathing to dining and walking.

A Higher Level of Comfort

Delicious Meals

Most of our ingredients are grown right here to ensure the highest possible quality. You can taste it in everything we serve.